AMMX (Advance Managed Message eXchange) Client Server Technology

AMMX Server

AMMX is based on Client/Server technology.

The server is the central switch of the AMMX Technology. In simple terms it is a secure mailboxing system with each mailbox on the Server allocated to an attached AMMX client. AdvanceFirst Technologies are hosting the default AMMX server in a secure 24 x 7 environment.

The powerful multi-threaded AMMX server technology can be installed on any Intel server running Windows Server 2003 or above. The size and resilience (mirrored servers etc.) of this installation, will be dictated by both the number of clients required within a community and the importance of the secure data exchange facility required.

When an AMMX client is downloaded, during the installation process the end user will be asked to register on the AMMX Directory and will be asked which server they wish their client to be associated to. A mailbox will be allocated to that client accordingly along with a Private and Public Key. AdvanceFirst will host the first server in a secure environment and this will be the default server for all AMMX clients unless stated otherwise. In future however organisations (for internal communication or systems integration requirements), communities, network providers, governments and ASP’s (application service providers), to name but a few may wish to host their own AMMX servers.

Mailboxes on an AMMX server can be allocated either to AMMX clients installed on internal systems or to AMMX clients installed on systems external to the company within a trading and/or data exchanging community.

Any AMMX client can communicate instantly with any other AMMX client in the world, regardless of distance or location. Transfer of any data file can be instantaneous. If the recipient client (for whatever reason) is not operational then the data file will be stored securely until the recipient client is activated when it will be sent automatically.

1 – Automatic forward of secure data file through to recipient client if the recipient client is loaded and active.

2 – Store securely and forward immediately when recipient client is loaded and made active.

N.B. – AMMX clients will load automatically with the activating of any system.

Trading/File Exchange partners can be looked up on the Global AMMX Directory and a simple request to trade or exchange data files with that partner can be sent via the AMMX client. The partner then has the opportunity to accept or decline the trading relationship. A single AMMX client can exchange an unlimited number of files with an unlimited number of other AMMX clients (there is no volume related charging). In this way trading communities can be built and deployed very quickly.

Rapid AMMX Community Deployment

In order therefore to build a trading community, each member of the community needs to download an AMMX client and request an Exchange Relationship with their partners and away you go. All data exchange will be fully secure and auditable. There are no character charges or envelope fees, just one small annual fee payable either by the owner of the AMMX client or the owner of the AMMX sever.

Data Transformation, Mapping and Routing

Outside of the provision and support of the AMMX global ultra secure file transfer network, AdvanceFirst Technologies core business is the sale and support of B2B gateway solutions all with interfaces to AMMX file transfer technology. These solutions range from single PC based software solutions to our Corporate B2B gateway Advance Information Broker.

Please click through to the AdvanceFirst main website at to find out more about the Advance Business Collaborator (ABC) suite of electronic trading and systems integration solutions.

Advance Information Broker (AIB)

The AdvanceFirst flagship solution AIB incorporates an AMMX server within it, whilst at the same time providing the user with greater control and central server intelligence. AIB also contains: –

  • Powerful anything to anything data mapping and transformation capabilities.
  • Intelligent routing of data files in multiple formats through to other applications, systems and trading partners.
  • Flexible communications front-end (AS2, FTP, SFTP EDI VAN’s etc).

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