AMMX (Advance Managed Message eXchange) Client Server Technology

The AMMX Client

AMMX is based on Client/Server technology.

In brief the AMMX client can be installed on any internal system that has a requirement to either send or receive a file of data securely and auditably to and from other systems, either within the business or with external trading partners. The AMMX client is a thin client with a very low footprint and can easily be installed within all operating environments. Installing it on a microchip is also currently being considered.

It is planned for there to be two AMMX clients: –

1 – A Windows client (requires Windows XP or upwards) – Designed for all systems running MS Windows

2 – A Java client – Designed to operate on all other operating systems

In order for the AMMX system utilising the SAFE (Secure Audited File Exchange unique to AdvanceFirst) Protocol, to provide application to application monitoring, control, security and audit, it is necessary to install an AMMX client on each communicating system. It is then possible for the protocol to keep track of a file of data from when it leaves an application within the host system, through the mailbox allocated to the client on the AMMX Server out into the recipient mailbox of the recipient AMMX client and through into the recipient application.

Throughout this whole process the data is encrypted using the latest encryption technology, fully error checked with a digital certificate attached, to ensure sender and recipients are genuine through the attachment of Public and Private Keys.

Any AMMX client can communicate instantly with any other AMMX client in the world, regardless of distance or location.

An AMMX client will load automatically when the system on which it is installed is live. It is possible to leave an AMMX client live on a system overnight (say in the office, so it can still send and receive data). The AMMX client operator can still remotely control the AMMX client via a remote laptop or system (e.g. if travelling from the office).

AMMX client users will have visibility of all trading/exchange clients that are “live” as can be viewed with systems such as Skype.

Trading/File Exchange partners can be looked up on the Global AMMX Directory accessed via the AMMX client, and a simple request to trade with that partner can be sent via the client. The partner then has the opportunity to accept or decline the trading relationship. A single AMMX client can exchange an unlimited number of files with an unlimited number of other AMMX clients. In this way trading communities can be built and established very quickly.

The AMMX client is obtained as a simple download from the AMMX website: – Download AMMX client

When installing you will be asked to register on the AMMX Directory and a mailbox and Public/Private Key allocated to that client. They remain unique to that client.

In brief the AMMX client is made up of two parts:

1 – The Administration Section allowing you to:

a) Deposit files in an outbound folder destined for another AMMX client

b) Collect files from an inbound folder from AMMX clients on other internal or trading partner systems

c) Manage trading partners (sending or accepting requests for Exchange Relationships)

d) Monitor progress of sent files and extracting audit trails as and when required for sent or received data files.

e) Change Public/Private Keys as often as required. Each transmission from an AMMX client globally checks the AMMX Directory for the latest Public Key. Therefore by making one change to the Public Key in the Directory you need do no more. You can therefore change your Public Key every day if required.

f) Search the AMMX Directory for Trading/Exchange partners

2 – The AMMX API’s (Application Programming Interfaces):

The API section of the client is there to allow users to completely integrate the AMMX client into their internal systems. For example: – Tracking points (object tracking) within and internal say SAP system, either tracking a file or a consignment, can be passed automatically from the internal SAP system through an AMMX client and via the AMMX network (across the world if required) into another client which could pass them through into the recipient’s back end Oracle system.

The API’s are freely available within each AMMX client.

Data Transformation, Mapping and Routing

Outside of the provision and support of the AMMX global ultra secure file transfer network, AdvanceFirst Technologies core business is the sale and support of B2B gateway solutions all with interfaces to AMMX file transfer technology. These solutions range from single PC based software solutions to our Corporate B2B gateway Advance Information Broker.

Please click through to the AdvanceFirst main website at to find out more about the Advance Business Collaborator (ABC) suite of electronic trading and systems integration solutions.

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